About Us


Our sole purpose it to help businesses in adopting healthy digital/online strategies as well as tactics that will assist in their growth as well as to enable businesses to take full advantage of the benefits of moving into the E-Commerce sphere. We strive to take merchants online and to help merchants that are already online in increasing their competitiveness and overall profitability.

What we do

We operate in the Marketing Research and Marketing Planning sector for Online, e-commerce based merchants.

By analysing statistical data from each merchant industry, we are able to provide a comprehensive Marketing Plan for each business, or we can analyse existing Marketing plans and provide inputs on specific parts of each Marketing plan on how to improve their current structures, both on a strategical as well as on a tactical level.

We collect and analyse data from merchants based on their performance over a specific time period. By analysing the data, we are able to identify/pinpoint some variables that play a significant role in a shaping or affecting that business. These variables range from the Product/Service Mix to the Payments side of a Business (Payments Acceptance, Refund Response and Refund Policy, Chargeback Representation Procedures) and finally to the Market Dynamics (Market Size, Porter’s 5 forces, Macro-economic factors).

Our STP model analysis | Segmentation | Targeting | Positioning | as well as our STP planning are in a position to help any business grow, whether that is towards setting up or improving their USP | Unique Selling Proposition | their differentiation strategy, their cost leadership strategy or their Payments Acceptance strategy.

Setting up new targets and new strategies requires constant monitoring so we like to underline the Point of impact of our Marketing strategies, either that is a Market expansion strategy, a Product expansion strategy and so on, by working alongside our merchants from initial data gathering, to planning, consulting, implementing and monitoring.